With decades of
high-level marketing experience...

…Marketing Pick works with brands of all shapes and sizes to provide guidance and support for your next marketing step.

Whether you’re a large organisation seeking marketing leadership advice, a small brand embarking on their marketing journey, or a creative agency wanting to gain a client-side view of things, Marketing Pick is here to help.

Hi there, I’m Ali - founder of Marketing Pick.

Hi there, I’m Ali

founder of Marketing Pick.

I’ve lived and breathed marketing for over 20 years, and as a Marketing Director, I’ve gained extensive strategic and brand-building expertise working with some of the most iconic beer and cider brands across more than 50 markets worldwide.

In short, I love what I do, and I’d like to think I’m pretty good at it!

My tenure as Marketing Director enabled me to lead a team of high-performing, engaged marketers to create powerful brand strategies, deliver commercial results, and use innovation to close gaps in our portfolio (smashing a record along the way…)

In late 2022, I realised that I wanted to take this experience and expertise and use it across a wider variety of brands, and so, Marketing Pick was born!

Marketing Pick is not an agency – it’s me, doing what I love, partnering with brand focussed organisations and senior leaders to help them overcome challenges, see opportunities, and prove that a little bit of experience can bring a dash of excellence to all!


Brands I've worked with.

Brands I've worked with.

Some Ways We Can Work Together...

Brand Consultancy

Whether it be building your brand, overcoming a particularly gnarly brand challenge, or helping your business to become more brand-led, I can help.

By drawing on my extensive strategic marketing and brand-building experience, I can work with you to deliver against your brand and business objectives.


Global Brand Governance, Expansion and Brand Plan Toolkits:

I led a brand portfolio with a footprint of over 50 markets, so I’m experienced in navigating the unique challenges that come with global brand management and eager to help others succeed in this space.

I can help you to build global consistency and provide guidance and support as you expand your footprint.

I can also work with you as you establish global brand governance, develop ways of working with an international stakeholder network, roll out a global visual identity change, or deliver brand activation toolkits.

Portfolio Approach

It’s great to have multiple brands but in a world of finite budgets and resources, along with stretching commercial objectives, tough choices often have to be made. 

Approaching things at a portfolio level can help you understand the role that each brand plays and can enable the whole organization to line up against the most critical brand priorities.

I am here to share my experience gained working with a portfolio of over 10 brands and support you to overcome challenges related to brand complexity and proliferation.

Partner Brands, Joint Ventures, Marketing & Distribution Agreements

Be it as a way to add scale, close a portfolio gap, or to stretch into an adjacent category, marketing and distribution agreements with 3rd party brand owners are often considered.

With more stakeholders to align, ambiguity in legacy agreements, or simply a disconnect in future vision, the need for a strong and enduring partnership relationship along with clear ways of working and accountabilities is critical.

Having worked with partners throughout the whole of my marketing career, I’ve got experience in how to make these work brilliantly. 

Whilst working with Lord Karan Bilimoria of Chelsea, CBE, DL for over a decade with the Cobra Beer Partnership Ltd, I was privileged to learn so much and build a strong relationship.

Agency Relationship Consultant

I’ve worked with some incredible agencies as a client, both global and boutique, for over two decades. That’s a lot of briefs written, responses listened to, feedback given, shoots attended, and campaigns launched!

Offering Pitch Consultancy, Agency Positioning, and Stakeholder Engagement advice, I can bring a valuable client-side perspective to ensure agency success.

Let’s Work Together

The beauty of marketing is that every brand, opportunity and challenge has something unique about it. That’s what makes things interesting, and is why experience is so valuable!

It’s also why all of my work starts with an initial chat. This is an opportunity for me to understand where you are now, where you want to be, and what challenges you’re facing.

Once I’ve developed this understanding, I can work with you to develop an approach, roll my sleeves up and get stuck in!